The JCU Law Students’ Society (JCULSS) is your first step towards connecting with other students and networking with legal professionals. With the help of our affiliates ALSA we will also keep you up to date on national and state events, and our student representatives will support you in any way we can at James Cook University.

Membership costs only $10. We offer a $10 discount on JCULSS events for members, which means you will make your money back when you come to just one event. Our executive team will update you on the following events and more:

– Sporting Events – Social Trips, Law Ball/Gala, Trivia Nights & Pub Crawls – Mooting Competitions and Special “Mayo” Lectures – Second Hand Book Sales – Exam Preparation Workshops – ALSA Conferences – Practical Legal Training – International Law Programs

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What is JCULSS?

James Cook University Law Students’ Society (‘JCULSS’) was established in 1989 as a representative body of the JCU law students. We want to enhance student life, promote a sense of collegiality (being involved with your uni mates), and make sure that students come out of uni with more than a paper with the letters LLB on it.

Your Representatives:

Our executive team includes representatives for each year group. If you have problems with lecturers, timetable clashes, unfair assessment please see your year rep. In addition, we have a mature age students’ representative and international students’ representative.

And what would uni be without parties, socialising and fun? Our social and sports representatives make sure the events happen and make sure they’re good.

For those who wish to display there talents at a state or national level, our LSS & Competitions rep will help support students who wish to compete in moots and other competitions.

What else do we do?

  • We help students chose where they want to take their degree after graduation.
  • We collaborate with Townsville District Law Association to bring students closer to members of the profession.
  • We invite distinguished guest speakers to the Mayo Lectures to share their expertise and experience.
  • We help students expand their horizons by working together with other students’ societies across Queensland and beyond through our affiliation with Queensland Law Students’ Association and Australian Law Students’ Association.

Overall, JCULSS plays a vital role in enhancing and improving student life at James Cook University, bringing together the key stakeholders interested in quality legal education: students, university and legal profession.